Allergen Information


Nickle and other metal allergies.

All our products comply with the UK/ EU nickel directive and so they are hypoallergenic and safe for long term wearing. 

The Damascus steel we use contains 304 and AEB-L Steel. The beauty with these grades of steels is that they form a passive oxide layer on the surface due to their chromium content and this effectively seals the metal so they do not leach into your skin. This is why that despite being approximately 8% nickel in the 304 our rings pass the nickel release tests as carried out by an independent laboratory. 

They are not only suitable for use on the skin, but are safe to be used for body jewellery too (piercings) 

Other allergies


Once your ring is finished, we add organic cold pressed Jojoba oil to it. If you have any allergen to this  please let us know and we can avoid this step, as it simply gives the ring its true look (as the ring will naturally soak up oils from your skin but when it has just been made it doesn’t have these so we coat it in a thin layer so it arrives in pristine condition). 

Allergy Questions

If you have any allergies you are concerned about or wish to know more please get in contact with us. 

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