Our Eco-Friendly Practices

We care about our evnivronental impact so we have made our products Eco-friendly where we can. 


We use high quality single mine origin gold (SMO). This SMO certification means your gold can be traced on its whole journey. It is responsibly sourced, exceptional quality and comes from legitimate mining operations, with no ties to conflict. The local community benefit, and more can be leaned about this from our supplier here: SMO Gold

We also refine and recycle our own gold too. 

Jewellery Boxes:

We use Eco-friendly jewellery boxes, which are FSC®-certified

The glue, paper and cardboard used in the production of this jewellery box, are all 100% eco-friendly

Each box is stamped with the ECO-logo at the base of the box and has the FSC®-logo stamped underneath the foam.


We have reduced our paper usage and waste by switching to our in-house database system, removing the need for printed copies of orders and long paper trails. 

We also use recycled paper for printing.


For our jewellery we use Jiffy green strong durable packaging. 

This packaging is fully Compostable, and it contains 100% recycled paper fibre cushioning. 

 The packaging is less wasteful, and also fully recyclable itself too

Another benefit of this packaging is that  not only is it strong and durable, but it is also lightweight, and therefore reduces the carbon footprint of it. 

For our larger crafted items we reuse our delivery boxes and packaging where possible to cut down on waste. 

We also use Eco-mailing bags for posting some of our items, which are produced from sugar cane. 

Not only are these bags fully recyclable but they are carbon neutral. 

The carbon dioxide taken from the atmosphere in the growing process offsets the carbon dioxide emitted through production and transport. 

These bags have no compromise on the strength or quality, and are an eco friendly alternative to standard polythene bags.

We have made many efforts to make our products as plastic free as possible. 

The cellophane wrap used to protect and present the nappy cakes is biodegradable, vegan friendly, compostable, and food grade certified. 

The nappy cakes are also created using string rather than rubber bands. 

We have removed the use of plastic tape on our products, and instead use metal staples (fully recyclable) or strong biodegradable starch based tape to seal packages.