About Us and our Damascus Steel Rings

Meet the team!


What we do

We make unique jewellery using Damascus steel! 


About Sam

With the support of his wife Gill, Sam started making rings from Damascus steel after a long search to find the perfect wedding band for their wedding in May 2016.  After their wedding he decided to make a small number to give other people the opportunity to have their own Damascus steel wedding rings.  Over the next year Sam learned a great deal about working with Damascus and continues to make custom Damascus jewellery and other unique items. 


About Gill

Gill started out helping Sam in the initial stages of the business, mostly with motivation, ideas and tea :) but as the business developed and Sam's work load increased she became much more involved, using her photography, and creative side to inlay stones into the Damascus steel rings. 

She now deals with a large part of the company from all the communications, customer services, website and photography, to the new range

of crafty creations: GI Craft Designs, making custom art work.