Ring Buying Guide


How do I convert to UK Sizing?

If you are not based in the UK, we can make the ring to your international ring size for you, instead of converting it to UK sizes. 

You can write your ring size and country in the options box when ordering,

How do I find my Ring size?

If you have your ring sized at a jeweller, we suggest using more than one and to take the average of these. 

We recommend when obtaining your ring size to try it on a few times, especially after having your hand in your pocket for a while; as your ring size will vary slightly throughout the day depending if your hands are warmer or cooler. 

We can also supply ring sizers to you too please follow the link below. 

Can I have a different width or ring size?

Yes, as each ring is made to order we can change the width if you have a preference or a size that is not listed, just contact us with your preferences and we can create a custom order for you.  

We can easily swap inlay types too. 

The inlay can be centre or off centre on any of our rings too. 

Can I change the shape?

  Our rings all come as a traditional shape as standard, however we can change this to any shape you would like. 

Please note that if you wish to have a comfort fit style of ring, then you usually need to order a half size smaller than a traditional fitting ring to have this fit correctly. 

Can the size be altered?

Damascus is difficult to re-size; however, Sam can usually enlarge a ring by up to a full size if needed. 

If you are unsure of your ring size, it’s better to go with the smaller size as then it can be enlarged if needed.  We can also do half sizes too, please write this in the comments box or contact us to let us know. 

If you find your ring is too large, it can only be made smaller by inserting a sleeve into the ring, but this will increase the overall thickness too, so please keep in mind that when ordering if it is too large then you will most likely need a new ring. 

If this is the case then we can offer to make a new one at a discounted rate, please contact us for more information if this is needed.